With Our Brexit, we’ll influence the issues from the ground up.

melinda Wednesday February 14 2018

My name is Melinda Gozho and I am a second year Pharmacy student at Aston University. I am an Our Brexit Ambassador.

When I was growing up, I always thought I’d work in the health sector and that politics didn’t concern me. It wasn’t until a year ago that I realised that not only does it concern me, but it affects all young people and our future. When the General Elections happened I had no idea what any of the parties represented, this made it hard for me to know who to vote for. I decided to join Our Brexit in order to improve my political awareness and reach out to other young people like me.

Since I joined Our Brexit in October 2017, my knowledge of politics and campaigning has certainly grown. Our Brexit Ambassadors received training from We Can Win. In the first session we brainstormed why we think Brexit happened and the possible solutions for the issues we came up with. By the end of this, we realised that the issues were much deeper than we initially thought and that we needed to go out and speak to people.

In November 2017 we launched the listening campaign. Me and my fellow ambassadors went to Aston University and encouraged young people to fill in our survey. Speaking to young people about politics is not a walk in the park – in fact, it was a rollercoaster. Some of the stories we heard included their fears of not being able to work in the UK and their stories were very touching.

The listening campaign taught me that Brexit can be a scary thing to talk about, however it is manageable when you explain to people just how much politics affects even the small areas of their life.

In our last session with We Can Win, we took a look at the results from the listening campaign. We were very surprised by some of the findings. We gained a better understanding of the issues affecting local communities. In our training we assumed that access to good jobs would be the main issue. However, the listening campaign showed that the biggest issue faced by young people in the local area was housing. We learnt that in order to create a campaign that will win we must first hear directly from young people and help influence the issues from the ground up.

When I first joined the campaign, I had my doubts about the impact we could make. We had the drive to make a difference but we had no networks or a solid plan. All that has changed now and I can’t wait to let you know more about what we’re going to be getting up to.