Our Brexit: Listening to young people in the West Midlands

What we learned by listening

aaliyah Thursday February 8 2018

Over the past couple of months, Our Brexit has spoken to nearly 100 young people about the issues that matter to them, around Brexit and our future.

This listening campaign was a real eye opener for us as this was a chance for us to see what our peers make of Brexit and it gave us an idea of the things that are really concerning the youth at large.

When speaking to students, there was a mixture of responses; some were very keen on this campaign as they have an interest in politics and wanted to get involved in Our Brexit, whereas others just answered our survey due to mere curiosity. This could have been because of a lack of knowledge about Brexit or just simply not caring, as it seemed some students thought that the Brexit changes wouldn’t affect them in the long run.

Through our workshop with We Can Win, focusing on pulling out the issues from our 90 conversations with young people around Birmingham, we realised the biggest issue the students had noted in the survey was the issue with housing. We were quite taken aback at this because we thought that the hunt for jobs and travelling would be the biggest issue that students would prioritise.

This is why I think the listening campaign was beneficial: It made us see the bigger picture. What we think affects us isn’t actually what other people think does, and the sooner we realise, and cater to everyone as best we can then the more effective our campaign can become.