About We Can Win

What do we do?

We deliver empowering and inspiring training that equips everyday people with the practical skills and strategic support to lead local change and win big.

We draw on our team’s experience of campaigning and community organising to develop tailored training packages for community groups, local activists and progressive candidates.

We work around the country deliver training in the heart of communities: From small towns in former industrial heartlands to big cities and university campuses – we’ll come to you.

Why do we do it?

Politics is broken, and it’s everyday communities who are paying the price. Our elitist system puts big-business interests and party-political agendas before the needs of ordinary people. We are tired of extraordinary leaders from ordinary backgrounds being locked out of power, and we refuse to let our future be shaped without us having a say.

Our team or trainers are inspired by the amazing potential of everyday leaders in the communities around Britain. We believe that it’s our country’s brilliant diversity, solidarity and hope that will drive the change we need. So instead of waiting on the same old politicians and corporations to tell us “what next”, we’re tapping into the talent, vision and ambition that’s held in our communities.