A picture of Our Bexit co-founders Vee and Nathan with MP Chuka Umunna
Our Brexit: Listening to young people in the West Midlands

How I came to realise – we need to make this Our Brexit

vee Thursday February 8 2018

How did I become a co-founder of Our Brexit? In July 2017 me and my friend Nathan went to a summer party held in Wolverhampton city centre. This party was in celebration of the three MPs that had just been elected in the snap general election. One of the guest speakers was Chuka Umunna. I remember listening to his speech about Brexit and the Single Market and two thoughts came into my mind.

Firstly, I realised just how much Brexit is going to impact not just my future, but the futures of young people from across the UK. Secondly, I asked myself… “wouldn’t it be nice to hear young people talking about Brexit from their point of view?”. I shared my thoughts with Nathan later that evening in Nando’s. That night we decided that this was Our Brexit, our future and time for our voices to be heard.

A picture of Our Bexit co-founders Vee and Nathan with MP Chuka Umunna
Hearing MP Chuka Umunna speak about Brexit made us realise how important it was for young people to have a say

After setting up our Twitter page @OurBrexit, we felt excited but lost about what to do next. Starting a grassroots campaign was something we had never done on our own before. The help provided by We Can Win has been invaluable. Receiving specialist advice about how to organise campaign meetings, motivate our ambassadors and set tangible goals meant that our vision could become a reality.

Our Brexit wanted to organise Question Times (focus groups) with MPs and young constituents. We Can Win’s training helped us create an agenda that made young people feel comfortable enough to have tough conversations while having fun! Local MP Pat McFadden was impressed by the Question Time and has supported the campaign alongside other MPs.

There are a lot more events to come and this has been achieved through the amazing dedication of the Our Brexit Ambassadors and the support of We Can Win!