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Young people will endure the effects of Brexit for the longest. Whether we voted leave or remain, it is imperative that we get the opportunity to have a say on our own futures. Our Brexit is a politically neutral campaign, making sure young people are heard in the Brexit decision-making process. 

The campaign aims to create space for young people aged 16-25 to share Brexit Vlogs, engage with infographics and online polls and interview their local MP. We hope to influence the government into making real change in local communities, and bring the UK a step closer to a Brexit that works for young people.

If you would like to join the #OurBrexit movement then follow us on Twitter @OurBrexit to keep up with our Brexit updates, discussions, blogs, events and polls!

Who started the campaign

Vee Co-founder of Our Brexit

I'm a final year Law Undergraduate at Aston University. I advocate for young people, with TV and radio appearances and as a former British Youth Councillor, Deputy Member of Youth Parliament and UpRiser.

Updates from the campaign

Thursday February 8 2018 What we learned by listening

Over the past couple of months, Our Brexit has spoken to nearly 100 young people about the issues that matter to them, around Brexit and our future. This listening campaign was a real eye opener for us as this was a chance for us to see what our peers make of Brexit and it gave us an idea of the things that are really concerning the youth at large.

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Thursday February 8 2018 Leave or Remain – we need to understand the experiences of others

I woke up to the news of Brexit on Friday the 24th of June and I was gutted. My main question was how? I had been so confident the night before that I went to sleep after only seeing a few of the votes counted. I was certain the majority of the nation would vote remain.

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Thursday February 8 2018 How I came to realise – we need to make this Our Brexit

How did I become a co-founder of Our Brexit? In July 2017 me and my friend Nathan went to a summer party held in Wolverhampton city centre. This party was in celebration of the three MPs that had just been elected in the snap general election. One of the guest speakers was Chuka Umunna. I remember listening to his speech about Brexit and the Single Market and two thoughts came into my mind.

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Tuesday January 16 2018 Take the survey – help us build a vision for Britain’s future

Add your voice to build a shared vision for Britain's future

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