About the campaign

In the EU referendum, Loughborough voted to leave. But that wasn’t the end of the conversation – there are so many more things that matter to our community and that we need to have a say on. So a group of us have been working locally to listen to residents of the town, find out what needs to change, and then start campaigning to make it happen.

Who started the campaign

Sachin Lead Organiser

I'm a local activist, keen to make Loughborough a fairer town for future generations

Updates from the campaign

Tuesday February 6 2018 Winning for Loughborough

I met We Can Win over a pretty insane six weeks — the 2017 General Election Campaign. During the campaign we scrambled around working with progressive groups to collectively pull off one of the biggest political upsets in British History.

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Tuesday January 16 2018 Take the survey – help us build a vision for Britain’s future

Add your voice to build a shared vision for Britain's future

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