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In the 1970s and 1980s, Doncaster was the thriving home of coal mines and factories; playing a crucial role in Britain’s booking economy. But in the post-industrial age, the role of our town is far less clear, as is the vision for its future.

To start building a vision of Doncaster’s potential, we need to start engaging with the community, especially the younger generation.

With We Can Win, we’ve been working with young people in schools and colleges around Doncaster, to see what are the big issues in the town, and the bold dreams we want to work towards.

Who started the campaign

Amanda Engagement Coordinator

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Thursday February 8 2018 ‘We Can Win’ in Doncaster- Why I Decided to Join The Campaign

On the 23rd of June, 2016, my home constituency of Doncaster North voted 69% in favour of leaving the EU - a margin of more than two to one. Since the referendum, I have seen people who voted leave dismissed as ‘idiots’, ‘racists’, ‘chavs’ and pretty much any other tired old stereotype you could care to apply to the ordinary people from somewhere such as Doncaster.

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Tuesday January 16 2018 Take the survey – help us build a vision for Britain’s future

Add your voice to build a shared vision for Britain's future

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